Dutch food you need to try

Here is the first part… Once you eat it, we will publish the second one ;). 


Bitterballen (croquette balls) are one of the Dutch people’s favorite snacks. They came in a ball shape and are usually meat-based, served with mustard for dipping. I’ve tried bitterballen made with beef, shrimps, but there are also vegan bitterballen! You can find them in many cafes, pubs, and restaurants. They also came in packs in supermarkets so you can enjoy them at home. It’s a great snack to go with drinks, especially alcoholic beverages 😉 We have also heard that the right way to eat bitterballen is to take it between your thumb and index finger, dip it in the mustard and pop it straight into your mouth! The rule is no double-dipping!

(Credit: JoCooks)


If you love sweet snacks, you can’t miss stroopwafel (syrup waffle)! It is a well-known Dutch snack first made in the Dutch city of Gouda. They are made with two cookies with caramel fillings in between, making them sweet and chewy. They taste even better alongside a cup of tea or coffee. You can try freshly made stroopwafel in Amsterdam in places such as Lanskroon and Melly’s Stroopwafels. They also came in packs in supermarkets in the snacks section! My favorite ones are available in Albert Heijn. There, you can also find stroopwafel with a chocolate layer, if you want to make it extra sweet (tip from a sweets addict: this option is definitely a YES).

(Credit: Grooveland Designs / Unsplash)


In the Netherlands, they are known as ‘poffertjes’. Absolutely THE BEST pancakes I have ever had in my entire life! It’s like tasting art. They are very fluffy because yeast is used in the production. But don’t be scared, you won’t feel its taste ;). ‘ Poffertjes’ are usually served with a little bit of butter and powdered sugar. In winter, you can find a lot of outdoor stand places that serve them for take-away. Usually, they are served on a cardboard plate with a small fork.  

(Credit: Indebuurt)

If you want to eat them at home, you can buy them at Albert Heijn and almost every other grocery shop. My tip to make them extra tasty: add strawberries and Nutella. 

(Credit: Albert Heijn)

Also, if you want to taste other versions of Dutch pancakes, visit Dutch Pancakes Masters! With our ESN card, you get a discount!


(Credit: Dutch Pancake Masters)


Yes, you eat it raw. Not everyone likes it, but if you don’t mind fish, it is definitely worth a try. It has been a staple dish of the Netherlands since the Middle Ages. You can find it in kiosks or fishmongers which specialize in this treat. There are different versions of serving herring. The first option is that you can eat it with bread. Then you get a sandwich of your choice with a herring inside, if you want, you can also get onion and pickles as toppings. Or you could eat the herring without bread, served on a tray. I tried both and I can say that both taste great. This is a perfect option for a healthy snack or mini-lunch. Also, it is cheap ( around 3-4 euros) and as students, we all know it matters ;). My favorite places where you can buy herring are: Volendammer Haringhandel and Haring & Zo. 

(Credit: Amsterdam Wonderland)

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