The Executive board is responsible for all strategic and operational plans and activities. 

Fleur Hessing


Hola! I’m Fleur, born and raised in Amsterdam, and currently doing a Master in Urban and Regional Planning. You can always find me at Salsa and Bachata parties, dancing and singing the night away. I also love to write stories and books, and I can’t stop talking about Argentina. I’m this year’s President and I’m looking forward to get to know a lot of people from all around the world. I’m always down for drinking maté in the park!

Jessica Qiu


Hello there! I’m Jessica, a 3rd year PPLE student at the UvA in love with cycling and reading! This year, I’m also the new Vice-President/Secretary of this board! This means that I’m the person responding to all your emails and questions, so feel free to reach out to me whenever you need!!

Alex Drapers

Treasurer & Partnerships Coordinator

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m half Dutch-half Chinese and grew up in Hong Kong and this year, I’m Treasurer and Partnerships Coordinator of ESN Amsterdam. Although, I mostly work behind the scenes, I’ll still be present at a lot of the events so I’m looking forward to meeting all of you.

Noa Koster

PR Coordinator

Hii I’m Noa! I’m Dutch and grew up in the lovely city Haarlem, I am 23 years old and I study Psychology at the UvA. I love to travel, dance and hangout with my friends. I am the PR Coordinator and therefore in charge of the promotion of ESN and the face behind all of the social media channels! I will also be in your face with a camera during all the events! See you around!

Andrea Stricker

Activities Coordinator

Hey, I’m Andrea! I’m the Activities Coordinator meaning I am the one organizing and planning the events you will be attending this year! I am originally half German half Romanian but grew up in Vienna, Austria. I moved to the Netherlands five years ago and am currently doing

Wieske Lamers

Integration Coordinator

Hi!! My name is Wieske, and this year I will hold the position of Integration Coordinator of the ESN board 2023-2024. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and therefore perfect to help you integrate into our beautiful country and culture. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Dutch culture events!

Asiah Capponi

Introduction Coordinator

Hi, I’m Asiah! 23 years old, from Italy. I’m doing my Master in Persuasive Communication at UvA and I love to read romance books and spend my time throwing people around at cheerleading practice. I am in charge of organising the Introduction Weeks for all exchange students and the weekly social events. Hope you’ll have the best time of your life here in Amsterdam, see you at Coco’s!

Laurens van Wijk

Introduction Coordinator

Hi my name is Laurens. I’m a Master’s student in data science at the UvA. I’m born and raised in Utrecht. I love walking around the city and listening to music. This year I will be one of the Intro Coordinators. You will see me all year on Wednesday at Coco’s and the Social events, see you there!

Advisory board

Wahid Reza

Former position: President

Board 19-20

Jonli So

Former position: Intro Coordinator | President

Board 19-20, 21-22

Daniel Vitikainen

Former position: PR

Board 20-21

Robin Lohrum

Former position: President

Board 20-21

Bora Fidan

Former position: Intro Coordinator

Board 20-21

Nathalie Guillium

Former position: Vice President

Board 20-21, 21-22

Daimy Kraakman

Former position: President

Board 22-23

Kasia Myślińska

Former position: Vice-President

Board 22-23

Dominique Weltevreden

Former position: Integration Coordinator

Board 22-23

Baturalp Artar

Former position: Intro Coordinator

Board 22-23

Supervisory board

Heleen Straesser



Teamleader International Office and Marketing & Communication

College/Graduate School of Social Sciences

University of Amsterdam

Guido de Wilde

Vice-Chair & Secretary


Manager Global Student Experience & Engagement

The Office of International Student Affairs

University of Amsterdam

Karin Küchler

Selection Coordinator / Sustainability Change Maker / Lecturer / Coach

Sport Studies – track International Sports, Management and Business

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dinant Leegstra

Student counsellor

Student Affairs

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


Brechtine Detmar

International Relations Manager

International Centre

Faculty of Business & Economics

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Radboud Winkel


PPLE College

University of Amsterdam


Previous Executive Boards

ISN/ESN Board 2021-2022

From left to right (upper row):  Diana Bonis, Neelanti Paul, Nathalie Guillium, Wietske de Bruijn (lower row): Jonli So, Emily Galfrascoli, Dennis Appelboom, Subhashree Choudhury

ISN/ESN Board 2020-2021

From left to right: Daniel Vitikainen, Romy Bijlsma, Diana Bonis, Nathalie Guillium, Robin Lohrum, Bora Fidan, Janine de Bart, Wietske de Bruijn

ISN Board 2019-2020

From left to right: Bianca Lucini, Arsal Rehman, Tea Pham, Jonli So, Lynn Vos, Wika Mikusek-Le, Carla Olteanu, Wahid Reza

ISN Board 2018-2019

From left to right: Stefanos Papadopoulos, Carla Ojeda Bautista, Weronika Korkuć, Nena Grob, Lea Baro, Naomi van Geelen, Ludo Cialdella, José Paz Ferreira

ISN Board 2017-2018

From left to right: Twan Meijers, Lianne van Breukelen, Emily Ding, Lisa Ottolander, Ina Paredis, Jernelissa Iradi, Helena Gerb, Willem Speelman

ISN Board 2016-2017

From left to right: Priya Panday, Hugo Zwetsloot, Nina van Stekelenburg, Hidde van den Heuvel, Krijna Opschoor, Kim Brands, Floortje van der Grienten, Tiemen de Graaff

ISN Board 2015-2016

From left to right: Chloé Collette, Lilia Hendrikse, Etienne Buffing, Menouschka Plugge, Denise Coenegracht, Annabelle van Lieshout, Dick van der Sluijs, Annick Besançon

ISN Board 2014-2015

From left to right: Maxime Schreurs, Karin Ribberink, Marley Hasselbach, Nikki Veerman, Julia Robeer, Kallista Kemink, Lydia Kooistra, Joshua de Groot

ISN Board 2013-2014

From left to right: Natasa van de Laar, Floor Oudendijk, Rik Swart, Femke van Weperen, Meike Bunt, Idris Maghiouzi, Anne de Heijde, Awa N’Gom

ISN Board 2012-2013

From left to right: Jiri Staats, Maxime Schoonman, Anoek Baars, Floor Minnema, Vincent Cieraad, Merel Theisen, Patrick Germanus, Lisette van Namen