Every semester, we organize events and activities for over 1500 students. Joining our team as a committee member will allow you to broaden your network and gain experience in working within a professional, internationally oriented organization. You will get the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and, last but not least: have a whole lot of fun! Become part of the ESN AmsterFam! 

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee together with the Activities Coordinator is responsible for organizing all sorts of activities, from sports to trips to international activities, such as themed nights. Here, you can choose what kind of projects you would like to work on and help ESN Amsterdam organize different kinds of activities! Are you ready to provide for a lot of fun?

Web Design Committee

The Website Design Committee together with the IT Coordinator is responsible for maintaining and updating the website of ESN Amsterdam. This includes the design, but you can also use your journalism skills for the blog. Are you ready to improve the site?

Gala Committee

Be part of a new first within ESN Amsterdam: the Gala! This year, we introduce to you the Gala Committee, responsible for organizing a gala twice a year, once every semester. This means you and your team are in charge of a theme, location and everything else. Are you ready to organize the night of your dreams?

Buddy Committee

The Buddy Committee together with the Integration Coordinator is in charge of all the local and forgien Buddies. Additionally they also help organize our Language exchange programme for everyone who wants to learn a new language. Are you ready to meet your new buddy?

Social Committee

The Social Committee’s goal, as the name suggests, is to get social! Help us with organizing parties and Midweek Mixers: smaller social events where students have the opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other by playing games, having a drink, doing sports or crafts. Are you ready to make new friends and organise the theme party of your dreams?

PR Committee

The Public Relations Committee is all about photos, design, videos and social media. As part of the PR Committee, you together with with the PR Coordinator are responsible for designing all visuals and maintaining the social media of ESN Amsterdam. So if you love taking pictures, make videos, create beautiful reels, make promotional texts, create amazing promotional material or make a beautiful designs, join this committee and be part of the growing network of ESN Amsterdam! Are you ready to get creative?

Social Erasmus Committee

The Social Erasmus Committee together with the Integration Coordinator is responsible for ensuring ESN Amsterdams involvement in social causes. They help provide opportunities for you to give back to the community whether this is volunteering at local schools or hosting other charitable events. Are you ready for a better world?

Partnerships Committee

The Partnerships Committee together with the Treasurer is responsible for finding and maintaining partnerships for ESN Amsterdam. They ensure that you get the best possible discounts with your ESNcard. Are you ready to negotiate?

Dutch Culture Committee

The Dutch Culture Committee together with the Integration Coordinator is responsible for organizing everything surrounding the Dutch culture, anything from Dutch movie nights to explaining and celebrating national holidays. Are you ready to Dutch things up?