Erasmus in Schools

Erasmus in Schools is part of our volunteering system and enables you to share your own culture with Dutch high school students. 

What is Erasmus in Schools?

Another kind of volunteering we offer is Erasmus in Schools. Together with an ESN board or committee member, you and your fellow international students will visit a high school in Amsterdam where you will be able to interact with the students and talk about your country, culture and the cultural differences you have encountered so far. You can also be an inspiration to these students whom most of the time haven’t seen as much of the world as you have. As you have come from far to study in Amsterdam, you know what it is like to pursue your dreams. You will be able to help these students think about their futures – who do they want to become and what are their passions and goals?


Anyone who is enthusiastic about this volunteering project, open to other cultures and is not afraid to take initiative in talking to Dutch high school students is welcome to join these activities! For some events at the high school, however, a specific language is required, but this will be communicated.