Finding a student room in Amsterdam can be a challenge. Ask any Amsterdam local resident or student how to find accommodation and you will discover that it is quite difficult to find something. Here are a few websites worth looking into as you try to find housing.

UvA and AUAS

The most useful websites are the UvA and AUAS (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) housing websites. They for example have procedures in place to help international students find housing. Generally, these include a private bedroom and a shared kitchen, bathroom and living space. These spaces are highly sought-after so don’t delay your application. If you apply early, they give you a much better chance to find a room than any Dutch student could have. Furthermore, you will also find some very useful tips and tricks on how to find a room in Amsterdam that fits your needs.

Housing corporations

Last but not least, here are two links to the main student housing corporations of Amsterdam; if you have a room in Amsterdam there is a good chance it is with one of these organizations. There are several non-profit social housing corporations in Amsterdam that specialise in working with students. Lieven de Key owns more than 33, 000 rental units in and around Amsterdam. DUWO is the largest provider of student accommodation in the Netherlands and Ymere (website in Dutch) offers properties in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Alkmaar and surrounding areas. These webpages will help you set up or give you more information about the accommodation you will be staying in. Representatives of DUWO and Lieven de Key will also be present at the UvA and AUAS pick-up day at the start of the semester. Here, you will get your room key if you have already arranged your accommodation.


There are multiple Facebook groups where students post available rooms. Sometimes students who are searching for a new roommate organize a ‘hospiteeravond’, an evening that they invite some students to get to know each other, so they can choose their new roommate. Please be careful though and never pay anything in advance without seeing the room. https://www.facebook.com/groups/amsterdam.apartments




The ASVA is a student run organization just like ESN, and they also give tips and tricks regarding student housing in Amsterdam. ASVA Student Union features a selection of rooms for rent. In addition, they offer free juridical advice and a range of cheap, legal bikes. They can also help you out in case you do not trust certain housing ads, and they can also function as a mediator and even have a couple of student accommodations available every year.

Other websites

You can also check out these websites to find alternative student housing, including temporary and long term options. Note: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Have a read of these tips to avoid rental scams, as sadly they sometimes target students.

  • Student Experience provides modern fully-furnished apartments in several locations around Amsterdam (Minervahaven, Amstel, Zuidas, NDSM).
  • The Student Hotel is a “cheekily innovative” concept that is somewhere in between a hotel and student accommodation. You can view the rooms online and book for a week or whole semester.
  • Kamernet is a large search engine of rental apartments and rooms. A fee is required to respond to advertisements.
  • KamersAmsterdam (in Dutch) features a range of affordable, student-friendly rooms in Amsterdam.
  • Rooftrack is a convenient way to search all of the current rental listings from housing corporations and real estate developers. The site is in English and allows you to create a profile that filters your preferences.
  • Hotel Jansen is new short-stay hotel for students, new graduates and interns in Amsterdam. The tastefully-decorated rooms can be rented for one day up to six months.
  • Housing Anywhere is a new initiative where students can exchange their rooms with other students around the world for short term stays.
  • Students for students acts as a liaison between students, graduates and housing providers.
  • Pararius is a hub of short and long-term rental properties through various agencies.
  • Funda is a free website with loads of properties for rent and purchase.
  • Huurwoningen.nl is a free rental home market place.

Other websites recommended by our students:

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