University of Amsterdam

Starting at a new University is an exciting but also an overwhelming experience! You might have a lot of questions about your new university, but where do you go with them? Check out the video and the links below for the University of Amsterdam!


Amsterdam can be a difficult place to find housing, especially for students. That is why the University of Amsterdam has resources available to help you in your search for the perfect place!

Student library

Need to find that specific research paper for your assignment, or just want to broaden your mind? Check out the (online) library of the University of Amsterdam!

Student counsellors

With the student counsellors of the UvA, you can talk on matters that might affect yourself or your study progress. They are here to support you when you require it.

Trainings and workshops

Looking to develop yourself, and want to follow some interesting trainings and workshops? The university offers you all kinds of workshops and trainings to learn some new skills that are useful in your career or daily life.



Living in Amsterdam can be expensive and getting a job might help with those costs. Or if you’re looking to get some work experience alongside being a student, the University of Amsterdam has resources for this as well. Check out the information regarding working in the Netherlands and several job postings of the university.


Sometimes during your stay in the Netherlands, medical complications may arise. Fortunately, your University has doctors to consult and also more information available regarding what to do when you have medical issues, during your stay in the Netherlands.


Living in a new country and studying at the same time can be very stressful! Always take care of your mental health and when in need contact a student psychologist. They are there for you when you need it!


If you have any disability, contact the University of Amsterdam and see if special arrangements can be made for your specific situation to help you in your studies.